Why the name Whitewater Wraps?

In the river world a "wrap" is when your craft gets pinned between the river current and a hard place ( a rock). but a wrap is also a tortilla sandwich. Because we are river people we thought it was a pretty clever play on words. 

How can i help save rivers?

Whitewater Wraps is dedicated to keeping our worlds water free and clean. we are happy you are interested in helping to.  There are many ways yo get involved.  Come take a rafting trip with RMOC, participate in your local river clean up, and become a member of AW.


Can you cater our event?

We are always happy to help in any way we can. Currently Whitewater Wraps focuses its energy on large events. Kyle is a trained chef with a background in private events. That said, if we're available we  are happy to help. just drop a line. 


Do you have a permanent location?

Not yet. but stay posted there is one in the works here in Chaffee County.